Creating opportunities to Embrace, Encourage and Empower

Mothersdaughters@Heart will  Always be committed to Respecting ourselves in truth and honesty, remaining loyal and faithful to our convictions and never Yielding to negativity or adversity  but forever creating opportunities to Embrace, Encourage and Empower our Passions

Dorney  Park  Bound

Creating an ongoing communicative platform between mothers and daughters, inspiring and empowering both generations and helping daughters to become Distinct Ladies of the Future

A mother and daughters bond is one of life's most intimate, engaging and rewarding relationships we will ever have. Communication and Time are Gifts, that  change lives. 
MD@Heart take this gift, this opportunity to empower, inspire and embrace their daughters!!  Because........... 

My daughters, My joy, My heart, My reason for creating MD@Heart

Without Communication and our Time our daughters will become a statistic such as:
53% of girls are unhappy with body
75% engage in negative behavior because of low self esteem, Smoking, Bullying, Drinking and Sex
57% don't tell mom things because they don't want mom to think bad of them
Teen pregnancies have risen amongst girls under 15 years of age
So come join MD@Heart and  fortify your communicative platform with your daughter.

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